Studies in the Modern Ocean

CTD/hydrocast package descending into the Southern Ocean. Photo Kenemy

The CTD/hydrocast package descending into the Southern Ocean water column from the deck of the South African research icebreaker S.A. Agulhas II, sailing from Cape Town to the Antarctic winter ice edge. Photo: Preston Cosslett Kemeny ’15



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The concentration and 15N/14N ratio of total nitrogen (TN) were measured in precipitation samples collected at Bermuda between January and December 2000. By correcting for nitrate, analyzed previously, the concentration and δ15N of "reduced" N (RN, i.e., ammonium + organic N) were also determined. The TN precipitation flux (∼ 10-19 mmol N m- 2 yr-…
Fixed nitrogen (N) is a limiting nutrient for algae in the low-latitude ocean, and its oceanic inventory may have been higher during ice ages, thus helping to lower atmospheric CO2 during those intervals. In organic matter within planktonic foraminifera shells in Caribbean Sea sediments, we found that the 15N/14N ratio from the last ice age is…