Studies in the Modern Ocean

CTD/hydrocast package descending into the Southern Ocean. Photo Kenemy

The CTD/hydrocast package descending into the Southern Ocean water column from the deck of the South African research icebreaker S.A. Agulhas II, sailing from Cape Town to the Antarctic winter ice edge. Photo: Preston Cosslett Kemeny ’15



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Ongoing human activities are known to affect nitrogen cycling on coral reefs, but the full history of anthropogenic impact is unclear due to a lack of continuous records. We have used the nitrogen isotopic composition of skeleton-bound organic matter (CS-δ15N) in a coastal Porites coral from Magnetic Island in the Great Barrier Reef as a proxy for…
We tested the hypothesis that the nitrogen (N) isotopic signature (δ15N) of coral skeletal organic material (CS-δ15N) matches that of the coral tissue and also reflects the δ15N of water column fixed N, such that CS-δ15N can be used as a proxy for spatio-temporal oceanic N isotope distributions. Strong correlations between the δ15N of skeletal…