V.H. Luu

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  • Fripiat, F., A. Martínez-García, D. Marconi, S.E. Fawcett, S.H. Kopf, V.H. Luu, P.A. Rafter, R. Zhang, D.M. Sigman, and G.H. Haug. 2021. “Nitrogen Isotopic Constraints on Nutrient Transport to the Upper Ocean”. Nature Geoscience 14. Nature Research: 855-61. doi:10.1038/s41561-021-00836-8.
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  • Sims, Z.C., A.L. Cohen, V.H. Luu, X.T. Wang, and D.M. Sigman. 2020. “Uptake of Groundwater Nitrogen by a Near-Shore Coral Reef Community on Bermuda”. Coral Reefs 39. Springer: 215-28. doi:10.1007/s00338-019-01879-5.
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