Udara Amarathunga

Harry H. Hess Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Title: Harry H. Hess Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Area(s): Geochemistry

Research Summary:  He investigates past changes of ocean and the climate to resolve the timing and magnitude of natural climate variability, using Nitrogen and Oxygen isotope measurements. These proxy data are combined with theoretical and applied modelling to study present and past states of ocean properties and circulation. Ongoing projects are focused on:

  1. Climate-related variations in Arabian Sea denitrification over the past 200 thousand years
  2. Pliocene evolution of North African climate and the Mediterranean Sea
  3. Late Miocene evolution of Mediterranean-Atlantic gateway exchange (IODP Expedition 401)
  4. Antarctic bottom water production since the mid-Pleistocene (CANYONS Voyage, Cape Darnley, Antarctica).

Keywords: Paleoclimate, Paleoceanography, Nitrogen isotopes, Physical oceanography